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At times I find it hard to forgive

  • Think about all the things in my mind many say you have to let go and allow yourself to be open but truly who’s to tell u to forgive? If u want to or not that lies on you, but  I don’t know about the true essence of forgiveness. Can one forgive yet remember all the hurt caused by another? And if one does can they ever truly forgive? You see with me, I let go and forget what has been said what has been done and I hope that in the end forgetting helps but truly but does it?  . For forgetting one thing brings up another reason to remember another and in the end the constant thinking upon one action cannot bread forgiveness. So what do u do if u cannot forget nor forgive ?

You have to live. Live with the fact that In that moment such person was misguided like u were at one point, live  with the fact that that person isn’t talking as them but someone else who is underneath thier skin, someone who they may need time to understand . Live with the fact that at the end of the day like such person ,you may do wrong and, it is better to always burry the hatchet and make room for people in your life to mess up because if they don’t they wouldn’t be people, and u wouldn’t truly be there friend now would u? Just a narcissistic judge who holds everyone to the idea of perfection but cannot live it themselves and if u cannot then truly you have no friends  and when u truly cannot forgive but u can understand, thats where I think the true nature of humanity lies

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