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my Name is Ted

The facade of strength is an opinion.

The masquerade of emotion is a lie.

The truth behind one's living are those that are living to die.

Not living to become a story and have your life trapped in a book.

Just living to become an Icon and have my story understood.

Understand these words I speak are crooked like I'm captain hook.

understand the life I seek revenge from the people that death took.

understand the games I play will end my life's long own demise.

understand these words I speak, sometimes you would think my name was Ted.

Understand that when Ted talks he walks with a noose around his head.

not a noose to end his life but to keep his mind in check.

such a noose wrapped around his mouth and two times strapped around his head.

such a noose to stop him talking, when he's done you'll know he's dead.

Because death is calm it lays no harm to the people that once cared.

But when Ted had stopped his talking all his friends began to cry

but why did Ted stop talking? all you folks should wonder why.

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