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Can humans ever truly grasp the nature of themselves?.

Ask yourself; your friends; your family, what can such say about what orchestrates the formless expression of humanity. SELFISHNESS. There is no such trait or emotion that can quantify the depths of selfishness.

Why do you think evil exists? If it isn't for such reason as to serve one's innate purpose then why do we breathe? for surely our endeavor in life must not be to serve those who serve themselves. In fulfilling gratification attributed to man comes evil and comes good. Why can one hate an old lover with such

passion yet fail to understand the depths of love that allow one to hate so passionately?

Why does humanity serve evil? for in theft, murder, rape, and neglect are such traits derived to understand such selfish nature. In succumbing to gratification and such evil lays a mind that only seeks to gratify itself. Why can one see injustice yet turn away? How can one see homelessness yet hide their face? For if you have turned a blind eye to such individual suffering then such extreme trait of selfishness resides in you.

It is to be human to be selfish and to be selfish is to be human. For who will lie with us in our grave? who will follow us into the afterlife? and unlike man death is supreme and selfish, taking whomever it pleases. Is it not justifiable to live such a selfish life and yet succumb to something more fittingly selfish than us all. DEATH.

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