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Good Morning

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

Good morning my friend, or should I actually say good mourning.

You see lies govern our society, who we are, what we believe, and how we hope to achieve such goals. How do lies govern such principles? you may ask and the answer is through false knowledge. With false knowledge comes false hope and with false hope breeds deceit and lies a facade of fulfilling some twisted fantasy known as the human dream. The human dream is such crafted to hook its audience many may die chasing after such endeavors but at the end of the day, humanity claims there is a peace that succumbs a community when one dies doing the things they love, or fighting for a particular vision attainable yet so far away. I believe it is wise to be practical about life. Nothing we say or do is crafted in the essence of autonomus truth. But really we are in such a demise crafted by our own hands, the same society we claim to fight for is the same society that is carefully crafted by windows of mainstream knowledge in order to serve a purpose far greater than our own. And yet we don't know what role we really play in society or in life. Many people may stand at a mic and tell you they have found their purpose in life but truth is that even possible?. In a society where the 7.7 billion people have a specific role to play in the revolution of our world does such a utopia exist? moreover, I believe it does but only in the deepest hopes of our idea of a perfect world are humans no longer slaves to the false premise of freedom but are truly free to choose the path their life will take not the path they were destined to walk.

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